Forestry Journal Features the Oakleaf Forestry Demo of the Sampo Rosenlew HR46x Harvester

Oakleaf Forestry recently had a demo if the Sampo Rosenlew HR46x specialist thinning harvester which was reviewed in the November issue of the Forestry Journal. This smallscale, high capacity 4 wheeled harvester specially designed for first thinnings. The HR46x Harvester has plenty of power packed in for a forest machine of its size. The large…

Vimek supplier in UK & Ireland

Vimek is the leading name in small scale forestry, manufacturing a range of tough, reliable, fuel effiecent machines that are easy to operate and more importantly, easy on the forest. There are huge number of small, privately own forests all over the country that could benefit from thinning to enhance and increase it’s potential future…

Supplier of Kranman AB machinery

Kranman AB manufactures and sells trailers, equipment and accessories for quads, forest and construction machinery.

With over 10 years experience in-house development and manufacturing, was Kranman first in the world production of hydraulic cranes for quads.

Today, the product range also miniforwarder, smaller tractor-trailers and construction accessories.

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Dorn-Tec distributor in Ireland and UK

Dorn-Tec have been designing and manufacturing high quality forestry equipment since 1965 at their headquarters in Kemptem, Germany. With almost 50 years of experience in the Agriculture and Forestry industry, Dorn-Tec have built a strong reputation for supplying customers with durable, reliable, high quality solutions to their needs. New products are constantly being added to…